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EuropeWave and Y4: here to support our sector

July 2021

At Y4 we have followed the developments of the EuropeWave programme with great interest. The programme echoes Y4’s ethos of innovation, and it’s staffs’ experience and long tradition in the wave energy sector – which dates back to the early 2000s, including hands-on involvement with leading technology developers, engineering consultancies and certification bodies.

We thought a brief reminder of recent projects would be a good introduction to Y4’s capabilities – to avoid a long trip down memory lane, we have stuck to the last five years!

The Y4 team is well-versed in the Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) model followed in the EuropeWave programme. In recent years, namely soon after co-founding Cruz Atcheson Consulting Engineers, the senior Y4 team enjoyed many collaborations under the Wave Energy Scotland (WES) programme, either leading or having an instrumental role in a plethora of projects. 

Examples include:

  • Two Landscaping Studies (Structural Forces and Stresses and Very Large-Scale WEC, both in collaboration with Arup).

  • Three Structural Materials and Manufacturing Processes projects (RePOWER, CREATE and Polyshell).

  • One Control System project (IMPACT).

  • Third-party advisor role focused on testing, modelling and simulation for Stage 2 of the Novel WEC Programme

Additionally, the senior members of the Y4 team have enjoyed great success in the Horizon2020 programme. Still while at Cruz Atcheson Consulting Engineers, they were part of the IMAGINE and MegaRoller consortia, both of which were dedicated to the development of novel power take-off (PTO) solutions for WECs. More recently, Y4 is the only entity to be a partner in both projects funded by Horizon2020’s New test rig devices for accelerating ocean energy technology development call (LC-SC3-RES-32-2020). Both projects – VALID and IMPACT – are at the forefront of the latest developments, aiming to tackle critical challenges related to the reliability and survivability of WEC designs.


The range and depth of technical topics covered in previous projects are a good demonstration of Y4’s capability to stimulate and deliver large collaborative R&D projects to the highest standard of quality – all of which resonates with the EuropeWave core objectives. We believe we are uniquely placed to support EuropeWave applications – and we are eager to do so.

Interested in finding out more? 

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