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Yavin Four Consultants expands European presence

May 2021

In a move to connect with its growing client base, Y4 has recently establish a presence in Italy – increasing its footprint to three EU countries: Portugal, Ireland and Italy. Michele Martini joins Y4 as a Senior Engineer to lead the Italian operations and support the growing team.

Michele brings a wealth of experience in offshore renewables, having completed his PhD in Climate, Energy and Marine Infrastructures at Universidad de Cantabria in 2017. More recently, Michele gathered a mix of industrial experiences, with key positions at UmbraGroup and Angelantoni Test Technologies. Along his professional pathway, Michele has also picked up unique experience in the setup, running and analysis of innovative R&D projects, in both laboratory and field environments, having been successful in multiple successful applications to e.g. Horizon2020 funded projects

Joining Y4, Michele said:

I am very happy to have joined Y4 – and its welcoming, experienced and growing team. I am delighted to be supporting a young sector in which I strongly believe in – emerging offshore renewables are essential to the energy mix, and to be at the forefront of developments is very exciting. It is particularly rewarding to lead such activities from Italy – my home country, and one with much to contribute to the sector”.

Upon Michele’s arrival, Joao Cruz, Y4’s Founder and Principal Engineer, said that

We are delighted to welcome Michele to the team. We are privileged to have a growing number of projects in highly innovative sectors, and Michele will immediately support these. We are continuing to recruit and expand – and Michele’s presence in Italy will help us to harness and nurture talent in the region”.

Michele’s arrival is the first in Y4’s drive for expansion, with further positions currently open (at mixed levels of seniority). The senior team members have a long tradition in the sector – such connections contribute to the establishment of a wide network of consultants in the flattest of flat organisational models, ultimately creating an agile and innovative organisation that can best service Y4’s wide range of clients.

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