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Who we are

Yavin Four Consultants is an independent engineering consultancy, solely dedicated to offshore renewable energy

(wave, tidal, and wind energy).







What we do

The Yavin Four Consultants team has a long tradition in offshore renewable energy, namely in the emerging sectors: wave, tidal, and floating wind energy. 

Our position at the forefront of innovation brings a mixed skillset of technical and commercial expertise, allied with unrivalled innovation credentials.


We provide independent engineering advice to a range of offshore renewable energy projects – focusing on the following three core topics.





Wind Mills

Our services

Innovative projects

  • We have a strong background in engineering consultancy, often applied to large R&D projects funded at e.g. EU level. Such tradition allows us to be constantly aligned with state-of-the-art topics, engineering solutions and methods. 

  • Our experience ranges from technical support to project management. As an example, we have been directly involved in multiple H2020 projects, with a total amount of funding exceeding €20m.

  • In research projects, Yavin Four Consultants usually gets involved at the project’s inception – supporting the proposal creation process. Typically, we are partners in the project – meaning we believe in the project and will stay involved until its completion. 

Engineering design

  • At our core, we are engineers and designers. Combined, such characteristics have allowed us to be involved in flagship projects in our sector – and we are constantly eager for opportunities to apply our skillset in novel projects.

  • We can be involved at any design stage – from concept to detailed level. 

  • Our engineering expertise is primarily linked to technology design - but it is also related to project development. Commercial and strategic topics, such as site assessments and LCOE modelling, are examples of frequent projects. 

Strategic advice

  • Throughout the years, we have specialised in providing strategic advice to a range of clients (national governments, investors, project and technology developers) on both technical and commercial topics.

  • Our 100% independent nature allows us to advise our clients in an impartial way, whether in a due diligence advisory capacity and / or in road mapping / strategic positioning exercises.  

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Open positions

We are hiring!  We have open positions for:

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Junior Engineer(s)

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