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Yavin Four joins the EuropeWave programme

December 2021

The EuropeWave consortia announced on the 7th of December 2021 the seven successful tenderers in its innovative Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) process to advance wave energy.


Among these, CETO Wave Energy Ireland Ltd (subsidiary of Carnegie Clean Energy) has been selected for Phase 1 of the programme, with project ACHIEVE, which initially aims to deliver a CETO WEC tank testing campaign and a CETO WEC concept design exercise for sites in Scotland and the Basque Country.


Phase 1 will commence on the 3rd January 2022 and run for 7 months. The selection of subsequent Phase 2 and Phase 3 EuropeWave PCP contracts will be based on competitive selection from within the Phase 1 contractors.

Yavin Four Consultants is delighted to be part of CETO Wave Energy Ireland Ltd’s winning team, alongside SAITEC Offshore Technologies, DNV UK Ltd, IHCantabria and Julia F. Chozas Consulting Engineer.

On the news of the award, Michele Martini (Senior Engineer at Yavin Four Consultants) commented that “We congratulate CETO Wave Energy Ireland for receiving such a prestigious award, and we are looking forward to support the project team in this exciting project”.


Yavin Four Consultants brings over 30 person-years of direct experience in offshore renewable energy technologies, with a tradition in assisting leading technology developers in the transition from concept to detailed design.

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